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Coaching with Confidence – Virtual Workshop

Your Investment: $1,295

Learn Coaching Skills to Create a Stronger and More Effective Team

Because we understand that travel is not always an option, we deliver the Coaching with Confidence classroom workshop remotely so that you can learn the valuable skills you need to succeed without ever leaving your desk. Broken down into six 2-hour sessions – one session per week for six weeks – Coaching with Confidence – Virtual is delivered via GoToWebinar and is a live and interactive training opportunity. We specifically limit class size to allow for maximum interaction and learning and record every session, giving you continued access after the live session date.

There is one skill that separates managers from leaders; that separates those who are successful in creating a team of individuals who are committed to their work and the organization from those who don’t. Every manager uses this skill occasionally. Only the best leaders know the principles needed to use this skill in the nuanced way that is necessary for great success. And doing that well requires more than just knowledge and skill, it requires confidence.

That skill is coaching.

Coaching is one of the most important roles of any leader, and when done well, one of the most personally powerful and gratifying parts the leadership role.

We often equate coaching with “dealing with performance problems” and while this is one purpose for coaching, it is a limited view.
Coaching is just as applicable and important when working with a high performer as it is when working with a person who is struggling.

Simply put, the best leaders are good coaches.

Unfortunately, coaching is also a role many leaders struggle with. They can’t seem to “find the time” to coach. They toil while defining the purpose and focus for the coaching, missing the mark in setting clear expectations. For these reasons and more, they don’t have the level of confidence needed step up to the plate to do the needed coaching and do it well.

Many leaders will say they are comfortable in coaching others, but even that is a step below being confident. Think about how you respond to a situation when you are confident. Think about how willing you are to try again when you don’t get it quite right, and how much more energy you bring to a task in which you are confident. Stated another way, if we don’t have the belief and confidence in ourselves and our abilities, we will never be able to lead to our highest potential.

Think too about how your confidence (or lack of confidence) spreads to others. If you aren’t a confident coach, you can’t be as supportive and helpful to others as you could otherwise be.

While many leaders don’t have the confidence to be remarkable coaches, you can.

This pervasive leadership challenge is exactly why we developed Coaching with Confidence. Coaching with Confidence is built on a coaching model that leaders can apply to any challenge or situation they will face in the workplace. It’s a powerful and effective program that not only teaches timeless and proven coaching principles, but also the tactics and strategies for applying them back into the organization. Because at end of the day, if you lack the confidence to implement the strategies you’ve just learned, your time and investment has been wasted.

In the workshop, we’ll work together to help you develop the mindset and confidence to actually act on and initiate what you’ve learned in the class. We will learn timeless and proven coaching principles, but we don’t stop there. We will also learn the tactics and strategies for applying them in your daily work. Together as a group, we will explore your coaching situations and work to develop solutions for each. We’ll help you to identify and capitalize on your unique strengths and provide tools to overcome your weaknesses. We’ll conclude with a purposeful session where you’ll create a personal plan that will put your coaching into action with practical first steps and next steps.


Session 1: You as a Coach

  • Define coaching in an aspirational and impactful way
  • Identify the biggest challenges you face when coaching
  • Describe the 7 important reasons successful coaching matters in any organization
  • Describe at least 5 factors that increase personal confidence
  • Use these factors to increase your confidence as a coach
  • Use these factors to increase the confidence of those you coach
  • Describe the 7 things you must bring to your coaching role to be most successful

Session 2: Foundational Principles of Coaching – 1

  • Setting clear expectations
  • Recognize and use the levers of change to coach others successfully
  • Deal with resistance to change and coaching
  • Transform resistance into acceptance

Session 3: Foundational Principles of Coaching – 2

  • Realize the importance of trust in coaching
  • Recognize the components of trust
  • Utilize specific strategies to build trust with those you coach
  • Provide effective feedback

Session 4: Accountability and Coaching

  • Understand the realities of accountability at work
  • Frame accountability more positively with others
  • Use a model to understand why people act as victims rather than being accountable
  • Coach for greater accountability
  • Use accountable questions
  • Ask effective questions as a coach

Session 5: A Coaching Model

  • Understand and use a Coaching Model in your work
  • Apply the coaching model in a variety of situations
  • Recognize the importance of support in a coaching situation
  • Practice your new coaching skills, using the model
  • Apply at least 10 ways to be more supportive as a coach
  • Use your coaching skills for more effective performance management conversations

Session 6: Doing it All Remotely and Answering Your Questions

  • Apply all the tools learned to a remote setting – helping you lead remotely with greater confidence
  • Answer any questions you have – helping you approach all your work as a Confident Coach

Your Investment: $1,295
Group Discounts: Enroll 3 or more and save $100 per registration. Call 317-759-3171 for more details.

Every virtual workshop includes:

  • A conference workbook for note-taking and to help guide your learning
  • 2 live, group coaching sessions after the workshop and with Kevin help you continue to master the strategies and techniques you learn in the workshop.
  • A free copy of Remarkable Leadership
Ways to Register

Call 1.317.387.1424, ext. 12 for a Learning Concierge
Email info@kevineikenberry.com